largest & most valuable wagyu breeding in europe!
The farm “Looschen” from the Oldenburger Münsterland combines more than 300 years of experience in cattle breeding over several generations. With the intention to set the right course for the future of the farm, we have successfully expanded our farm in the last decade to the breeding of Wagyus. Wagyu Auetal combines cattle breeding “Made in Germany” with the best and noblest breed of cattle in the world.
300 Jahre Erfahrung in der Rinderzucht
Animal welfare in focus
Free-range husbandry with summer pasture and winter run as well as lying areas with freshly strewn straw every day are the prerequisite for this. Our animals use meadows and pastures in an extensive way. For optimal well-being, fully automatic massage brushes and heated waterers are also installed in our air and light-flooded stables.
Suckler cow husbandry
Our mother cow husbandry is the most natural husbandry of the animals. The calf remains with its mother after birth. Feeding consists mainly of mother’s milk, later also grass and hay. Growth-promoting additives, animal proteins or fats, soy and genetically modified feed are not used.
In addition to genetics, the basis for high-quality Wagyu meat is the feeding and husbandry of the animals. In the first few years, the animals are kept extensively on pasture with plenty of outdoor exercise. After about 2 – 2.5 years, the animals move into well-ventilated open stalls with extra freedom of movement. Here they are fed with GMO-free fodder from the farm’s own hay, brewer’s grains as well as Wagyu meal. During this phase, the fine fat marbling that makes our Wagyu meat so unique intensifies.
After about 1,000 days, our Wagyus are slaughtered gently and stress-free. This takes place at a nearby country butcher. Long transport distances and loading stress are avoided. Our animals are used to go on the transport trailer and are also fed there.
Since the entire value chain from production to sale is in our hands, seamless traceability is ensured. Sustainability and transparency are not just buzzwords for us, but an integral part of our corporate philosophy.
The best fullblood lines. Through analysis of the animals, carcasses and marbling, breeding has continued to improve. This has resulted in world-leading pedigrees in Wagyu breeding.


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